Agency Power Intercooler Upgrade with Ducting 13+ Focus ST

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Agency Power Intercooler Upgrade with Ducting 600hp Rated 13+ Focus ST

As the puzzle pieces of a turbocharged engine come together, the common theme is more air and cooler air.  The final portion to successfully achieve this is with an upgraded intercooler kit.  Rated to 600HP, Agency Power developed this new front mount intercooler kit for the Ford Focus ST.  The intercooler core is from Garrett which has a long history of being the premier partner for many of the worlds top brands.  Garrett intercoolers also offer superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today's extreme engines. They are constructed of high strength brazen aluminum alloys with advanced tube and fin designs to ensure greater heat transfer effectiveness and durability. 

The core measures 24in x 8in x 3.5in thick.  This is larger where it counts to improve efficiency over stock.  What allows this front mount intercooler to perform even better is the enlarged end tanks made from 6061 aluminum and designed to allow maximum airflow to keep the turbo running cool.  Because this intercooler is larger, losing the factory ducting from the front bumper simply was not an option.  So our intercooler kits include new ducting which directly forces air on to the intecooler and no where else.  To prevent this ducting from rattling and causing issues, it is tack welded to the core.  Clearances are maintained to use the stock bumper without cutting anything.  It is designed to work with both the stock or aftermarket OEM style piping.  Included pictures show the front bumper without the factory grill so you can see how the intercooler ducting fits into place.
The intercooler ducting is available in a matte black finish while the intercooler can be had in finish aluminum or anodized black.  Other option includes the AP logo sprayed on the cored.  This product is designed to fit the 2013+ Ford Focus ST.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review