Agency Power SS Catback Exhaust (4 Different Tip Options) Focus ST

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Agency Power Ford Focus ST SS Catback Exhaust (4 Different Tip Options)

We have taken the Ford Focus ST exhaust to a new level with our all stainless steel catback for the new turbocharged vehicle.  Utilizing CNC machined flanges, existing hanger points, TIG welding, slip fits for easy installation, and a modulare approach to the stock or aftermarket downpipe, we have simply nailed it.  The exhaust system features 1 large center muffler to keep the tone just right for those cruising the highway but want their ST to sound hard!  The tip of the iceberg with our exhaust system is the optional titanium tips that utilize a v-band camp design.  We have the tips offered in a traditional 4 inch dual setup, 4 inch split V design, and for the unique, a triple tip with 2.75 inch tips filling the entire bumper outlet.

As test on our Mustang Dyno, the exhaust picked up a noticeable gain of power throughout the rpm curve.  Peak horsepower and torque of approximately 10 was achieved between 4900 and 5500 rpms.  Where this exhaust really shined was with the addition of custom ECU tuning and our downpipe to deliver huge gains of around 40 ft/lbs of torque and 40+ wheel horsepower.

Choose which TIP Style you like.  All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty

Tip Options:

4in Dual Titanium Tip

4in V Titanium Tip

Triple Titanium Tip

Black Ceramic Dual Tip (+$40.00)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review