ARH 2" x 3" Off Road System with Pure Thunder Mufflers (Full System) 15+ GT350

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ARH 2" x 3" Off Road System with Pure Thunder Mufflers (Full System) 15+ GT350

With a legacy of creating fast Fords dating back to 1964 with the first AC Cobras, the name Shelby has been synonymous with ultra high performance race and street vehicles. With the automotive press touting the newest Shelby, the GT350, as the best Shelby ever, it would seem that improving on perfection would be a tall order. But American Racing Headers has done so with a headers, high flow cats, mid-tube, X-Pipe, and tail pipe system that builds on the Shelby’s impressive 526HP stock with an additional 31 Rear Wheel Horsepower (RWHP)!

In addition to significant horsepower and torque (18 lb.-ft.!) gains, the system retains the original exhaust tips, the ARH system designed to connect to the existing GT350 Shelby polished stainless steel tips but now emits that signature ARH exhaust note. The best of all worlds!

The 100% American Made exhaust for the new GT350 Shelby is constructed from high quality, 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, mandrel bent to perfection and designed to fit the tight confines of the Shelby’s highly advanced chassis. Using the factory hangers for ease of installation, the system exhaust kit mounts in place with a minimum of effort.

The ARH Headers feature 2-inch primary tubing with 3-inch collectors to help extract the maximum airflow from the 5.2L V8 Ford engine. Internally the headers use the tried and true technological features found in all ARH maximum performance headers including our scavenger collectors and directional spike. As with all our high performance exhaust system, our headers are followed by ARH high performance catalytic converters (system can by purchase with or without cats), X-Pipe and mid section.

Key to the high performance tone of our exhaust systems are the ARH-exclusive mufflers. Designed for excellent flow, our muffler sound was achieved after exhaustive testing in our dyno testing facility and through years of on-road tuning. The result is the perfect muscle car tone that racers and performance enthusiasts demand. As noted, the mufflers attach to a tailpipe that connects to the factory tips to retain that Shelby look.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review