Avant Garde M580 BESPOKE Set

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Avant Garde M580 BESPOKE Stage 3 Comes with OEM TPMS sensors for 2015+ Mustang

We pride ourselves on producing vehicle specific fitments engineered to fit as aggressively as possible without compromising performance.  Now with the ability to produce custom bolt patterns and custom offsets, Avant Garde Bespoke provides each driver with their own perfect  balance between form and function.

Finish is more than just another decision. It evokes emotion. It reveals personality. It makes a statement. Whether you choose from the plethora of  powder coat colors or go with a multi-stage finishing process involving brushing and polishing, the Bespoke program allows each person to create  something truly unique.

For custom finishes please contact Hypermotive directly.  Pricing on Finishes can add upt to $1800.00 for finishes such as Brush Black Nickel and NEO Chrome.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review