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Another 2650 Edelbrock going in!!

Long time Customer Ted Stevens has been a Mustang fan all his life.  His last Mustang, a 2015 Ford Mustang was a beast to be reckon with!  Under the hood you could find a Gen 2 Whipple 2.9 s…

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Jonathan Braffords Epic Grabber Blue Build

First off we at Hypermotive want to say thanks to Jonathan Brafford for being an amazing customer and allowing us to work and essentially rebuild this beast.  We met up with Jonathan who wan…

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Time for Modding our 6th Gen Camaro 1LE

We now have 2500 miles on the 1LE and I figured it was time to start testing out parts. New to the platform so I have some learning to do of my own. Starting out small. BMR performance springs…

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S550 Coming in for Whipple Stage 2!

Something to be said about these new S550's, minus the oil pump gears and Crank sprocket these little 302's are stout. One thing we've learned quickly on these cars is they love forced induction.…

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MGW Race Spec Shifter for the 2015+ Mustang GT, Hypermotive the first to test!!

Here is your first installation and review of the highly anticipated 2015 MGW Race Spec Shifter for the 2015 Mustang, courtesy of our friends at Hypermotive Performance and MGW.   When H…

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