S550 Coming in for Whipple Stage 2!

Posted by Jason Micallef on 25th Aug 2016

S550 Coming in for Whipple Stage 2!

Something to be said about these new S550's, minus the oil pump gears and Crank sprocket these little 302's are stout. One thing we've learned quickly on these cars is they love forced induction. Gone are the days where 500 horsepower was considered a crazy high number... and.... where it was barely streetable. Nowadays, you can easily obtain 700+ horsepower, all while getting 20+ MPG's.

But lets be honest, who gets 20+ MPG's when you have 700 horsepower right at your mercy of that heavy foot??

This brings us to today, Ricky, a new customer of Hypermotive stopped in.  He liked what he saw, he met with the crew but unfortunately I wasn't there, those pesky deployments always keeping me overseas but alas, such is life.  But, moving forward... Ricky wanted more power, real power and, most importantly, dependable power.  So we picked a platform and kit that really gets you there, the 2.9 Whipple supercharger kit.  

We opted for the Whipple 2.9 "stage 2", which, comes with an upgraded 1900 CFM throttle body, 72lbs Deatschwerks injectors and your choice between a 3.75 pulley and the 3.625 pulley (3.625 requires minimum 93 octane).  Ricky went for the 3.75 to "start off" with and the upgraded dual fans for the already potent and massive Heat exchanger to help cool down the blower during the hot North Carolina days.  

Like any car we do, we always perform a baseline pull 368rwhp and after our install using Whipple's tune came out to 719rwhp!!  354rwhp increase, in just 2 days!  All this while still maintaining 20+ MPG on the highway.  

Ricky is already craving more power, he'll be dropping the car off to swap in a 3.625 pulley, upgraded TSS oil pump gears and MMR crank sprocket, furthermore he'll be getting his tune from Ken Bjonnes over Palm Beach Dyno!  We're excited to see what power this will push out!