Boomba Sound Symposer Delete 13+ ST

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Boomba Sound Symposer Delete 13+ ST

This direct bolt-on kit deletes and blocks the sound symposer from your 13+ Focus ST, cutting off the artificial drone noises being directed into the car's cabin, instead allowing you to hear your engine and exhaust tones as they should be. Included is this kit are an aluminum block-off plate and a delrin hose plug, both of which are precision CNC machined from high quality material with laser engraved Boomba logos.

The block off plate features an o-ring on the intake manifold side to ensure a tight seal as well as a threaded 1/4 NPT port and plug, allowing for installation of aftermarket attachments such as oil catch cans or gauges. This kit is also must-have for those higher horse power builds, where the increased boost levels could break the internal diaphragm of the OEM symposer components and cause boost leaks. Installation is simple and as well as completely reversible.

The block–off plates are available in Natural aluminum as well as black, red or blue anodized.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review