Borla S-Type Catback 10+ Raptor

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Product Overview

Borla S-Type Cat Back 10+ Raptor

  • 6.2L
  • 2WD/4WD
  • Extended Cab/Crew Cab
  • Short Bed
  • Dual Out The Side Exit
  • Dual Round Rolled Edge Angle-Cut Tips 4" Diameter      

From the 35" BF Goodrich tires to the cast aluminum SVT control arms,  the Ford Raptor has re-defined off road trucks. All that’s missing to  complete this street-legal Baja prerunner is a high-flow performance  exhaust to unleash the engine’s full potential, and who better to supply  it than BORLA® — the world’s most winning exhaust.
BORLA’s all  new Cat-Back™ exhaust (PN 140383) for the F150 Raptor draws from decades  of winning racing experience from the Baja 1000, Best In The Desert,  CORR and other top venues, resulting in a world-class off road system.

Utilizing  BORLA’s patented, straight-through Multicore technology, BORLA®  engineers were able to achieve a 13% increase in flow while reducing the  overall system weight 18%! And they made it look better too. Gone are  the boring factory single wall, unpolished tips. In their place are dual  4" polished stainless steel tips with handsome rolled edges that  enhance the Raptor’s brutish good looks.  

High-quality 300  Series austenitic stainless steel tubing is mandrel bent by  computer-controlled CNC machinery to ensure maximum flow and a perfect  fit. And while fit  finish are great, it’s the trademark BORLA® sound of  power that really captures the essence of this premium exhaust. A  hearty rumble rings through every time you get on the throttle, slightly  louder than stock with no cabin resonance.

Like all BORLA®  street systems, this exhaust is backed by BORLA’s famed Million Mile  Warranty. That’s 50 years of off-roading 20,000 miles a year! 
Engineering  innovation, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing  make it easy to see why BORLA® is THE choice of performance enthusiasts  worldwide.

Millions of exhaust sytems are replaced every year due to corrosion  and poor performance. Automotive exhaust gases attack from the inside  out while vibration, chemicals, road salt, and other harsh conditions  attack from the outside. When you consider what an exhaust endures, it's  easy to see why your vehicle needs a Borla stainless steel system.

Built to Last... Borla builds their exhaust systems from 100% T-304 aircraft-quality  stainless steel, which maintains true form and functions at all points  for superior corrosion protection. Borla's world-class quality and  performance capability are considered by many to be a very worthwhile  investment, and Borla's One Million Mile Warranty proves they believe in  their products.

"S-Type Systems" The Head Turning Sound Of Straight-Through Power Just The Right  Blend Of Packing Filament, Straight-Through Core Dimensions, Core  Perforation Pattern, And Cylindrical Shape To Deliver The Intoxicating  BORLA "Sound Of Power" With Every Squeeze Of the Throttle.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review