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Brisk RR12YS Spark Plug(Low Nitrous/Low Boost 11+ Mustang

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    Brisk RR12YS Spark Plug(Low Nitrous/Low Boost 11+ Mustang

    BRISK Silver Racing RR12YS Spark Plug 14mm thread, 25mm reach, 5/8'(16mm) hex, tapered seat, projected tip, resistor, fine wire 1.5mm Silver center el., Cut-back ground electrode

    Popular application: 2011+ FORD Mustang 5.0 two steps colder, good for big nitrous shots and 12psi or more of boost (79mm and smaller pulley).

    2011 Chevy Camaro V6 GEN 3 HEMI Engines 5.7L, 6.1L Dodge SRT 4, SRT 8, HEMI, Chrysler 300 COBALT, ION, PT Cruiser, Ford Focus.....

    Brisk Spark plugs for the new 2011 FORD 5.0L, V8 engine are: Stock Heat range: ROR15LGS, RR15YC-1, RR15YIR One step colder: ROR14LGS (N/A app. only), RR14YS (projected tip- low boost forced induction app.), RR14S (non-projected tip-good for nitrous or forced induction) Two step colder: RR12YS (projected tip- low boost forced induction app.) RR12S (non-projected tip)  High Compression, Forced Induction and/or Nitrous Three step colder: RR10S (non-projected tip) - High Compression, Forced Induction and/or Nitrous.

    Brisk Silver Racing plugs have a better ignitability than conventional performance spark plugs, and offer better performance and reliability in high boost, nitrous or high compression applications. Silver is an element with the most free electrons, and is the best electrical and thermal (heat) conductor of all metals! Better than gold, copper ...and many times better than Iridium. The Brisk Silver Racing plugs have a fine wire center electrode (not just the tip), which gives more room for insulator between the center electrode and spark plug shell. More insulation results in a durable spark plug with high dielectric strength - the most important spark plug parameter in forced induction applications. Brisk Silver Racing spark plugs have helped Tim Lynch and Steve Petty to keep the A/F mixture lit and set 4 New World Records since they started using them in their extreme 3,000+Hp 6.66sec @ 223.5mph Twin Turbo 10.5 Outlaw Mustang, and can do the same for you. In street applications, the greatest advantage is a powerfull spark, improved performance, low ignition voltage requirements, excellent heat dissipation at full load and excellent anti-fouling resistance under light load operation. Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs are available for all makes and models, so order yours today!

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