Cervinis C-SERIES Body Kit 13-14 Mustang

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Cervinis C-SERIES Body Kit 13-14 Mustang

When the first re-designed S-197 mustangs hit the streets for 2005, our C-Series Mustang Kit without wheels quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the new world of modern muscle perfection. Eight years later, some things never change.. Second to none, our 2013-2014 Body Kit is all business. Refined & defined most comprehensive and customizable body kit we have to offer! Unlike competitors kits that are "all show, no go", our kit features the patented full Side Exhaust System adding looks, power and sound to your mustangs arsenal. Transforming your car into an entirely new animal is an understatement with optional hood styles, wing styles and billet grille finish choices as well!

13-14 Mustang Body kit includes: Hood, Chin Spoiler, Upper and Lower Billet Grille, Functional Cat-Back Side Exhaust with Side Skirts and Rear Valance, Upper Quarter Scoops, Side Scoops and Ducktail Wing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review