Cervinis C-Series Front Bumper Kit 10-12 Mustang

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Cervinis C-Series Front Bumper Kit 10-12 Mustang 

Our complete front bumper kit will transform your 2010 to 2012 Ford Mustang C-series from a ho-hum ride into my-oh-my! The pronounced lines of the included aftermarket bumper will make your car look fast even when it’s not moving.

Installation couldn’t be easier for this kit. At Cervini’s, we pride ourselves on how well all of our parts fit. This kit will install into the factory locations of your Mustang without any hassles. It’s also constructed of flexible urethane, one of the most durable materials available for body kits. This will prevent the bumper from sustaining curb or pothole damage.

The kit will come with the bumper, billet grilles, PIAA fog lights, center fog lights, a running horse emblem, perforated screens for the outer scoops and aluminum trim bezels. Once installed, this full front bumper kit will completely change the look of your Mustang; it will go from mild to wild.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review