Cervinis Heat Extractor Hood 10-12 Mustang

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Cervinis Heat Extractor Hood 10-12 Mustang 

Beat the Heat! One of the oldest power robbers in the book of performance is undispersed engine heat! This means as the motor heats up under all driving conditions, you're sacrificing precious ponies with every extra degree that builds under the hood. Get the heat out! The Cervini Heat Extractor Hood ventilates engine compartment heat that normally soaks your entire power plant. Hood extractor vents allow a cross stream of external airflow to flow through the engine compartment evacuating power robbing heat! An aggressive but refined look that helps your motor function at it's optimum performance level in all driving conditions!

Hood features black extractor opening screens. Underside liner is fully-finished for extra strength and a professional show quality finish. Constructed from premium hand laid fiberglass for a guaranteed perfect fit. Installs in all factory locations and utilizes the factory hood latching system. New squirters are included and are relocated to the underside of the hood.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review