Corsa Axleback Exhaust "Touring" With Polished 4.5" Tips 15+ Mustang GT

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Corsa Axleback Exhaust "Touring" With Polished 4.5" Tips 15+ Mustang GT

**For Pre order**

Now, only through Hypermotive you can pre order your Corsa Sport Catback or Touring Axleback! 

We at Hypermotive have some great news for those who have been looking for a system that offers a deeper tone, high quality, amazing sound and most importantly..... zero drone. 

With lots of collaboration, ideas and testing with their dealers Corsa has come up with an incredible system that will not only sound amazing alone but will also compliment those who decide mod the rest of their exhaust and run headers. 

We at Hypermotive have had the privilege with working hand in hand on the development of this catback and personally, Corsa hit the nail on the head!! 

Please let us know if you have any technical questions of this system, Corsa, Dan or myself will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Why are these more expensive than the Sport axle back and Xtreme cat back?

o   To quiet down the overall volume and maintain Corsa performance & no drone standards additional sound elements have been added to the designs. We have put a lot of R&D into these new offerings and we have been able to achieve a deeper tone and a more palatable sound for those wanting to also run long tube headers vs the more exotic muscle high toned xtreme cat back and sport axle back much of the community loves.

o   Yes, all of them look the same…. Sound is the only change. Performance, look, warranty and quality all remain the same.

Footage of:

  • Sport Cat Back / revving
  • Touring Axle Back / take off


(No reviews yet) Write a Review