Corsa Convertible Catback Exhaust Sport With Polished 4.5" Tips 15+ Mustang GT

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Corsa Convertible Catback Exhaust Sport With Polished 4.5" Tips 15+ Mustang GT

Sixth generation Mustang convertible owners can improve performance and upgrade their Mustang with CORSA Performance’s Cat-Backs, Axle-Backs, Double X-Pipe, Air Intake, and Quad Tip Kits. The Cat-Back (Axle-Back + Double X-Pipe) is offered in two sound levels; Xtreme (PN 14342) and Sport (14341). All sound levels are Drone-Free at cruise due to Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC®) Technology.

Three RSC® patents and decades of acoustic R&D enables CORSA to offer various sound levels without drone while delivering true straight-through exhaust flow for increased performance. The Axle-Back is offered in two sound levels; Sport (PN 14339) and Touring (PN 14338). An Axle-Back’s sound level can be increased by adding a Double X-Pipe (PN 14327). The Axle-Back comes with 2.5” to 2.75” adapters to connect to stock. The starting diameter (2.75”) of the system is needed to clear the convertible’s extra bracing. After the solid stainless steel CNC hanger, the pipe expands to a full 3.0” diameter. The Double X-Pipe (PN 14327) replaces the large torque-robbing stock resonator to increase sound and performance. When purchased on its own,  the Double X-Pipe comes with multiple adapters to connect to stock or 3.0” performance modifications.

The 2.75” diameter section did not cause a decrease in flow compared to the 3.0” Fastback system. All Mustang exhausts are made in Berea, Ohio from North American 304 Stainless Steel. Cross-Link polyethylene closed box air intakes are also designed and manufactured in Berea, Ohio.


  • +48.35% flow Increase over Stock
  • -12LBS Less Than Stock
  • +4tQ More Than Stock
  • +5hP More Than Stock



(No reviews yet) Write a Review