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Diode Dynamics Switchback Turn Signal LED Kit 15+ Mustang

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    Diode Dynamics Switchback Turn Signal LED Kit 15+ Mustang

    With this kit, you can convert the front end of your 2015 Mustang to an all-LED, cool white modern appearance. This kit fits all models, including Ecoboost, V6, GT, and GT350.
    This kit includes a pair of front turn signal bulbs which are "switchback," a unique, specialty design. When this bulb is on as normal, with your parking lights or headlights, it shines a nice, pure white color. Anytime you activate the turn signals, it flashes bright amber. Two colors in one bulb, for an awesome lighting effect!
    You will also receive a pair of 194-size bulbs, in your choice of brightness and color, to replace the factory sidemarker bulbs. These bulbs are specially designed to distribute light fully in your housing, for a uniform, full appearance, instead of the "dots" of light as you might see with generic LED bulbs.
    The installation is 100% plug-and-play. You do not need to do any wiring- just replace your factory bulbs. Due to the circuit design of the 2015 Mustang, you do not need resistors to slow down blinking speed. Your indicator in the dash will blink at a different rate, but your exterior turn signals will always blink at the standard speed. (see video) 
    LED Components. Diode Dynamics uses only the highest quality LED chips in the production of its bulbs. This means we use only brand-name suppliers, and we tightly control color temperatures with our in-house testing equipment. One sign of low-grade LEDs is a very blue color tone, or mismatched bulbs. Our LEDs will always be uniform in color, with bright whites, rather than sharp blues.
    Design. Although LED technology allows for extremely long bulb life, the market is flooded with cheap, generic LED bulbs that fail prematurely due to inferior design and construction. Even bulbs from reputable suppliers are simply standard designs from Asia. They may work, but they are not designed with automotive circuits and applications in mind, so they will always fail within a few years of use.
    At Diode Dynamics, we specialize only in lighting, so we have invested in developing quality products. Our engineering team designs bulbs to withstand the harsh automotive environments, both electrically and physically. Our bulbs will distribute light more evently than standard "tower" designs, and they will last much longer than simple LEDs, powered by basic, cheap circuitry. By using advanced, LED-specific integrated regulation circuits in our bulbs, they are designed to last for years to come.
    Off-brand, cheap bulbs also exhibit poor construction quality, as they are often hand-assembled. Quality control is often lax, as the poor construction really won't be noticeable until a bulb fails after only a few months of use. However, common visible problems include poor solder uniformity, high levels of flux in the solder, uneven chip placement, low-gauge terminal wires and terminal alignment, and bulbs held together with inferior adhesives. At best, solder joints will crack and fail on low-quality LEDs after a few weeks of use. In the worst case, these bulbs can damage housings as the extra flux and adhesive evaporates and creates a residue on the lens of the housing. Diode Dynamics bulbs will not exhibit these problems, as they are assembled with much more rigorous standards of quality control, with modern, computerized equipment, and only the best materials, to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance possible.
    All Diode Dynamics products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year limited replacement warranty. For more information, please visit the Diode Dynamics website.
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    1. Perfect!!!

      I had been wanting these forever!!!.. finally purchased the switchbacks and man do they look awesome. I still don't know why ford didn't include these factory. Every time I look at my car I feel like now the front lights are complete, uniformed, and a lot more modern. Goodbye old amber look hello modern day cool white LED. Install was pretty easy. Did require to align pins alittle but nothing u can't handle on 10th Mar 2016

    2. Big difference

      Easy install, gives the car a whole new look by removing that orange look on the OEM light bulbs. on 2nd Apr 2015

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    How to Install Switchback Turn Signal LEDs in 2015 Mustang

    Shop now: In this video, we install Diode Dynamics HP24 Switchback LEDs and HP3 Sidemarker LEDs in the 2015 Mustang. Applies to all trim levels.