Fathouse Fabrications Seat Mounts 05-14 Mustang

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Fathouse Fabrications Seat Mounts 05-14 Mustang

Fathouse Fabrications brings you a bolt in setup to mount your Corbeau, Sparco, Momo, & Recaro drag seats to your floor. Price is for a set to mount *ONE* seat.

The brackets will bolt into your Mustang and allow you to run just about any fixed back racing seat made by Corbeau, Sparco, Momo, and Recaro. Other brands may fit as well. We have not been able to test fit every seat made by these companies but the bolt pattern matches up perfectly. From our notes the Sparco Pro 2000 seat fits the nicest and allows for the most head room in both S197 and S550 cars.

Made of thick 3/16″ 5052 series aluminum, designed with extra gussets for strength and durability. These are lightweight and very strong. Weighing in at less than 6 lbs per seat!

They are fully adjustable for seat position forward and back as well as some height adjustment. Once you have the rear seat holes drilled you can tilt the seat to find the angle of layback you like and drill the front holes and you are done!

**You will still need to secure the rear of the seat to your roll bar or cage harness bar per NHRA rules**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review