Forgestar CF5

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Product Overview

Forgestar CF5

  •           5 Spoke Design
  •           Built To Your Specifications
  •           Rotary Forged Flow Formed Barrel
  •           Lightweight
  •           Clears big brake kit
  •           Great range of offsets
  •           Same Technology Used on Formula 1 and Indy Cars
  •           Wide Range of Wheel Widths
  •           Great Range Of Offsets
With over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive wheel industry Forgestar Performance Wheels has bridged the gap between forged wheels and cast wheels. This allowed us to introduce the world’s first one piece lightweight rotary forged custom flow formed wheel lineup, catering to some of the world's most prestigious luxury and high-performance machines. With street & strip use, our wheels combine affordable pricing with impressive strength & build quality traits.

DISCLAIMER: All Forgestar wheels are drilled to cone seat specs. Conical/tapered lug nuts will be required.

Available Finishes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review