FRPP K-Springs with Whiteline Adjustable PHB 05-14

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KPR037/ 5300-K
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FRPP K-Springs with Whiteline Adjustable PHB 05-14

No need to take the guess work out on which PHB and spring combo to get, let Hypermotive do all the hard work for you while saving you some hard earned cash in the process!! 

The Panhard bar’s function is to prevent lateral movement. When modifying the ride height of the S197 chassis it is necessary to use an adjustable panhard rod to correct axle center which push the wheels out to one side. Whiteline’s Adjustable Panhard Rod is made out of 4130 Chromalloy for strength and features our Synthetic Elastomer bushings with our non-bonded bushing design allows the crush tubes to free float, eliminating bushing wind and snap back, increasing handling predictability.

Gives a more aggressive looking stance as well as increased handling dynamics Lowers car approximately 1.5" Progressive spring, designed for increased handling and performance Use with M-18000-A and M-5490-A for optimum performance Mustang Jounce Bumper Kit M-5570-A recommended with installation of springs May cause slightly harsher ride compared to stock springs M-18183-C Strut Mounts recommended


(No reviews yet) Write a Review