Fuelab Prodigy Fuel Pump 99-15

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Fuelab Prodigy Fuel Pump 99-15 Rated for 700hp

Fuelab Prodigy Fuel Pumps stand alone among the competition with their cutting-edge DC brushless technology. They have 8 innovative models in a range of performance levels with flow rates up to 200 gph and operating pressures up to 125 psi. All Prodigy Fuel Pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol, and ethanol. Available in black, purple, blue, red, gold, or green. Made in the USA.

Model 40401 Reduced Size EFI In-Line Fuel Pump All the great features of the original Prodigy Series in a smaller package! Get the benefits of a 255 lph fuel pump with less current draw and cross-fuel compatibility in a pure billet format.
Model 40402 Reduced Size Carbureted In-Line Fuel Pump This 200 gph free-flow rated fuel pump is programmed to deliver the maximum flow with the lowest current draw available.
Model 41401 High-Pressure EFI In-Line Fuel Pump The original digital Prodigy Fuel Pump great for street, strip, or off-road use.
Model 41402 High-Efficiency EFI In-Line Fuel Pump Increase performance capabilities with extra flow for higher powered engines. 

Model 41403 Carbureted In-Line Fuel Pump Get a high amount of flow with this pump made for carbureted and lower pressure applications. 

Model 41404 Carbureted In-Line Fuel Pump Developed from the 41403 model with all the benefits of a high-flow in-line pump plus integrated bypass valve. 
Model 42401 High-Pressure EFI In-Line Fuel Pump This model will support up to 1500 horsepower at high pressures. 
Model 42402 High-Power EFI In-Line Fuel Pump This top-of-the-line model supports very high horsepower. 


  • Type II anodized billet aluminum pumps
  • Gas, diesel, methanol & ethanol compatible
  • Works with 12-volt to 16-volt electrical system
  • Extremely quiet operation with steady pressure
  • Internal speed controller for variable flow operation
  • High-efficiency sling vane positive displacement pump
  • Wet motor design with no dynamic shaft seals that can corrode
  • Low-mass rotor for high-speed reaction to changes in speed and flow
  • Carbon 9-vane construction with pressure-balanced rotor for high reliability
  • DC brushless motor reduces current draw (has no motor brushes that can wear out)
  • Continuous duty with adjustable motor speed for street/strip fuel demand
  • Voltage reduction/pulse width modulation controllers not required
  • Powerful high-flux density Neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Uses standard or port-type -10AN fittings
  • Accepts PWM input for speed control
  • Long-life fluorosilicone static seals
  • Weighs less than 2.5 pounds 
  • Mounting brackets included
  • 2-year limited warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review