ICON 3.0 Coilover Shock System 2010-2014 SVT Raptor

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ICON 3.0 Coilover Shock System 2010-2014 SVT Raptor

Huge Improvement in Front Suspension Performance

The front Fox shocks are decent enough for street-driven Raptors and trucks that see the occasional trail, but when it comes to hardcore off-road performance and high-speed trail runs, they can start to let you down. ICON's 3.0 Coilover front shocks definitely won't and are one of the best ways to get vastly improved front suspension articulation, performance, and cooling for reduced fade all in one heavy-duty kit. These awesome coilovers have adjustable ride heights from 1" to a full 3" to let you fit on even larger wheel and tire combinations than stock. Each coilover features remote reservoirs equipped with ICON's own Compression Damping Control Valve (CDCV) system that allows you to adjust compression by controlling oil flow from the reservoir to the shock body so that you can tune your coilovers for whatever application or terrain you have in front of you. 

Heavy-Duty Design with Adjustable Compression

These coilovers are built around a large 3" diameter shock body that houses a true 3" piston with a digressive rebound and flutter stack design that is extremely reliable and powerful. The coilover's spring is one of Eibach's high-performance coilover springs that's been finely-tuned specifically for your SVT Raptor for maximum suspension performance and articulation. Each coilover features CNC machined shock shafts fitted with PTFE-lined bearings that help limit deflection and provide a ton of strength for performance driving. Each of the 10" remotely mounted reservoirs have optimized hose lengths for improved cooling and their CDCV system allows for easy on-truck adjustments of stiffness for any terrain. These coilovers fit on right in place of your factory shocks and coil springs with only minimal modifications needed to fit the reservoirs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review