JLT Cobra Jet Cold Air Intake 11-14 GT/ Boss

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JLT Cobra Jet Cold Air Intake 11-14 GT/ Boss

110mm makes it easy to tune and the smooth large bend makes it flow massive amounts of air to the large twin bore throttle body.

With a huge 4.5” opening on the tube we needed a huge filter. We love the tapered flange design and Powerstack filtered ends of S&B's filters and ended up with a monster 4.5x9” filter. Finish it off with a silicone coupler and stainless clamps and you got the BEST Intake on the market!!! NO METAL TUBING HERE!!

AUTOMATIC OWNERS Automatic cars need an additional fitting, which we provide if you select automatic when ordering (see below). The fittings are Milled from solid billet aluminum and all you need to do is drill a ½” hole (we show you where) in the tube, install the supplied grommet, fitting and you’re done. Note, all kits sold to resellers will include the automatic fitting.

MOLDED IN MAF It’s a full 110mm ID at the MAF area

HEAT SHIELD The heat shield ABS plastic to block engine heat at idle and low speed. It incorporates the fresh air inlet from the grill. It uses a large area to make sure the filter has tons of cool air.

•JLT Plastic intake tube
•Silicone Coupler
•4.5x9 S&B powerstack air filter
•ABS Heat Shield
•OEM style PCV connection hose
•2013-14 Hood Insert Plug
•HD Clamps & all needed hardware


(No reviews yet) Write a Review