Kooks "GREEN" Catted Y-Pipe F150 & SVT Raptor 5.4L 09-10

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Kooks "GREEN" Catted Y-Pipe F150 & SVT Raptor 5.4L 09-10


Powerful, High-Flow Y-Pipe with Kooks "GREEN" Cats

Long tube headers and a matching Y-pipe are some of the most powerful and effective performance parts you can grab for your aggressive 2009 to 2010 F150 or SVT Raptor 5.4L build. However, trying to pass emissions, especially in stricter areas, is a huge problem that you'd usually need to jump through several hurdles to overcome. Not any more with this awesome Y-pipe kit from our friends over Kooks. This Y-pipe features Kooks' latest "GREEN" 48-state legal and EPA-Certified catalytic converters and allows you to run powerful Kooks long tube headers and their required custom tuning while still being able to pass emissions testing in any state that has not adopted CARB air pollution guidelines. Along with the Kooks "GREEN" cats, this Y-pipe features more efficient and higher-quality tubing than stock, making it an excellent upgrade over stock and one of the most efficient ways to make some serious horsepower and torque without the hassles. 

Efficient Stainless Steel Tubing with Great Fitment

The Kooks GREEN Catted F150 and SVT Raptor Y-pipe is specifically designed to work with Kooks' long tube headers and provide your truck the power it deserves without the headaches when you need to go through emissions. This Y-pipe is made out of high-quality 304 stainless steel tubing that's all mandrel-bent to ensure smooth exhaust outflow and minimal back pressure. The two "GREEN" cats that come with this Y-pipe were jointly designed by Kooks and Global Emissions Systems and can handle immense levels of horsepower and temperatures of up to 1500° Fahrenheit all without throwing a CEL and keeping your truck 48-state emissions legal. Kooks even throws in installation hardware and instructions. This Y-pipe is compatible with your stock cat-back and most aftermarket cat-backs that fit the factory Y-pipe. 

Header fitment: this Kooks GREEN catted Y-pipe will only fit Kooks 2009 to 2010 F150 & SVT Raptor 5.4L Long Tube Headers.

48-State Legal Catalytic Converters: the Kooks "GREEN" cats are EPA-certified and will pass emissions testing in any state that has not adopted CARB standards. This y-pipe is not street-legal for use in California, New York, or any other state that has adopted CARB pollution guidelines.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review