Mcleod Street Twin Disc Clutch Kit (1400hp Capable) 07-14 GT500

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Product Overview

Mcleod Street Twin Disc Clutch Kit 1400hp Capable 07-14 GT500

Intended for the ULTRA high horsepower street and track fan, the Street Twin clutch kit is an economically priced twin disc clutch. Able to handle 1400HP, this clutch kit can handle almost any horse-power you can throw at it and still remain street friendly. Ceramic lined clutch discs will provide smooth engagement with a soft pedal effort to make this clutch kit ideal for the ULTRA street/race performance enthusiast.

Product Features:

  • Handles up to 1400HP
  • Supplied with alignment tool
  • Lighter than stock pedal feel
  • Easy Installation
  • Ceramic facing for smooth and even engagement
  • Low Rotating Mass (moment of inertia) for quick revs
  • Includes CNC machined and anodized flywheel adapter ring
  • Blanchard ground floater with multiple straps to reduce noise for streetability

Product Notes:

  • Kit includes Mcleod Street Twin Clutch and Steel Flywheel.

**The 2010+ GT500 uses a different slave cylinder than the previous 07-09 model years. You must use a 07-09 Slave Cylinder with this clutch in order for it to engage and release properly if used in a 2010+ Shelby GT500.**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review