METCO ICM brackets 05-14

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Instant Center Modification Brackets

2005 & Newer Ford Mustang, Shelby GT500

The Metco relocation brackets are manufactured from heavy-duty laser-cut steel, precision-welded on a fixture, and powdercoated for long-lasting surface protection.  The kit includes brackets for the left and right lower control arms, Grade 8 hardware, and detailed installation instructions.  

The installation of these brackets lowers the rear mounting point of the rear lower control arms, modifying the vehicle’s ‘instant center’.  The ‘instant center’ of the vehicle is the point at which imaginary lines drawn to extend the vehicle’s upper link and lower control arms would meet.  The brackets cause this imaginary point to move toward the rear of the vehicle, reducing the tendency of the rear of the vehicle to ‘squat’ during hard acceleration.  Power normally absorbed in suspension compression is instead applied to the suspension mounting points, driving the rear tires downward and significantly improving traction.  The Metco relocation brackets are a direct bolt-on and install with no cutting or drilling.  

These brackets are recommended for vehicles used primarily in drag race applications, and are generally not recommended for vehicles used exclusively in street applications or vehicles used for autocrossing or road racing.  As anti-squat is increased, anti-dive characteristics will increase and some vehicles may experience instability during hard, high-speed braking. 

Note 1:  Metco ICM brackets are compatible with Metco lower control arms only.

Note 2:  Applications include 2011+ Mustangs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review