Redline Tuning QuickLIFT ELITE Hood Strut Kit 15 GT/Ecoboost/V6

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Redline Tuning QuickLIFT Elite Hood Strut Kit 15 GT/Ecoboost/V6

Replace your hood's prop rod today with our Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT system, with our patented attachment system. There are always areas that every OEM doesn't address due to cost, and our high-quality hood QuickLIFT system is one of them...   Two gas-springs that lift and hold your hood without the need for a poorly placed prop-rod, simply start to lift your hood and let our QuickLIFT system take over. Your hood will lift and hold firmly at the raised position - no wind or bumping will knock it down on your head. 


This system is new and is designed to work with all hoods, stock and aftermarket. It will lift and hold up hoodlike OEM and is the best solution on the market. This system is a bolt-in system requiring 10-15 minutes to complete. The installation manual can be downloaded from our website to view the details of the installation. We use stock locations for our mounting hardware on this application. We only require one hole through the plastic battery cover for the top of a hidden bracket to poke through to attach the gas spring.

QuickLIFT System Benefits:

  • No compromise system - We design our systems from start to finish - we mount the gas springs where they need to be for proper function... our 2015 is a 'bolt-in' that features our patented QuickLIFT System components.
  • Simple one-handed operation, simply start to lift the hood and it will raise to the stock height unassisted in a smooth and controlled motion.
  • Progressive gas springs. Our springs are not off the shelf parts, they are designed by us and manufactured to our specifications for each vehicle application. Our exclusive end-of-force dampening slows the rate of extension over the final inches of travel eliminating stress to the hood.
  • QuickLIFT systems work with any hood (steel, fiberglass, SMC, carbon fiber etc.) - we design our systems using the stock hood so the main market is covered, however, this system is made to work with ALL aftermarket hoods. 
  • Quick and simple installation - we design the systems and write all of our own documentation.  FULL COLOR manuals will arrive that will walk ANYONE through this simple installation - our customer comes first. You do NOT need to be a mechanic or car nut like us - we are so confident in our product that we post every installation manual on our website for you to review prior to ordering.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review