Viking Shock Double Adjustable Rear Drag - Crusader 15+ Mustang All

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Viking Shock Double Adjustable Rear Drag - Crusader 15+ Mustang All

We have introduced a new line of patent pending Viking Crusader™ shock absorbers. This shock was developed based on requests from the pro-touring market and from small tire, drag radial customers. With these vehicles, there are situations that require rebound forces in excess of what standard passive adjustable shock absorbers can provide.

The other factor in our design parameters was the frustration that adjustable shocks, in general, are too complex for the average person to be able to rebuild and/or revalve. From these requests, the Crusader™ was born. These shock absorbers have the same digressive compression valving, and various options thereof, as the Warrior™ line. As such, there are 19 positions of evenly spaced adjustments, the zero position and 18 distinctive clicks. The rebound valving, however, is a progressive valve that is strictly determined via orifice control. A progressive valve shock will have a softer low speed force that ramps up very quickly as shaft speed increases. Do not let the definition fool you, as these shocks can generate huge forces at low speeds depending on the needle and seat combination. In fact, the Crusader™ shock absorbers produces forces far greater than nearly all other shock absorbers on the market. The rebound side has 22 available positions of adjustments, the zero position and 21 distinctive clicks. As a result, the Crusader™ line provides for 418 different valving combinations. This needle and seat combination allows for a very large adjustment range. For example, our front tie-down drag shock or our pro-touring specific shock has a force rebound range of 15 lbs. to 850 lbs. at 1” per second, 40 lbs. to 2000 lbs. at 3” per second, and 120 lbs. to 3200 lbs. at 6” per second. You will not find anywhere near this broad of an adjustment range with high-end monotube shocks. Another important characteristic of the Viking shocks is that every click of the adjuster makes an actual change of the force output. While this seems like a no-brainer, there are many high-end shock absorber brands that do not change the force output until 12 clicks or more of the adjuster, which makes tuning on the car quite difficult. Another very cool feature to these patent pending shock absorbers is the interchangeable needle and seat design. The rebound valving adjustment range can be changed without completely disassembling the shock absorber. With the shock in a vice on its side in the fully extended position, the rebound knob can be taken off and the needle removed with basic tools and the seat changed out with a flat-head screw driver. There are no expensive “special tools” required to be purchased from Viking.

The process is similar to jetting a carburetor. Obviously, it is critical that everything be kept extremely clean, as we are dealing with small orifices. The end user can choose from a variety of progressive force ranges. Viking has developed application specific valving for drag racing and pro-touring, where high force rebound is required. Multiple other valving ranges are also available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review