Vortech Supercharger V-7 JT Tuner System Black 15-17 Mustang GT

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Vortech Supercharger V-7 JT Tuner System Black 15-17 Mustang GT

For higher-horsepower, custom-tuned installations we recommend a tuner kit, which does not include a fuel pump, fuel injectors or ECU programmer. This requires you or your installer to provide custom calibration and the required fuel components. The V-3 Si supercharger included with the tuner kit is capable of up to 775HP on modified vehicles. Tuner kits are also available as the Competition Tuner Kit, with the 1,000 HP capable V-7 JT supercharger for high-performance racing vehicles. Call Vortech or your dealer for more information.

Vortech Tuner Kit Features

  • Heavy Duty HD oil fed compressor includes high speed, ceramic hybrid ball bearings.
  • Suitable for race applications and/or high boost, high horsepower street use.
  • Easy to install dual plate mounting system combines rigidity with light weight for an optimized mounting solution.
  • All pulleys and hardware included.
  • Air inlet assembly features high-flow construction and includes 98mm MAF housing configured for “blow through” use.
  • An integrated air straightener upstream of the MAF housing allows for enhanced drivability.
  • Included Maxflow Race Bypass Valve assures surge-free compressor operation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review