Watson Racing Battery Relocation kit 15+ Mustang

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Watson Racing Battery Relocation kit 15+ Mustang

The only battery relocation kit CUSTOM-FIT to the 2015+ S550 Mustang! There are many cheap battery trays, boxes, and relocation kits available on the market, but all of them are generic and require some heavy duty tools to crimp the heavy-gauge battery cable. Watson Racing is proud to offer you this complete Mustang Battery Relocation Kit that is 100% ready for you to bolt in with typical hand tools. All of the super-flexible 2-gauge wire is pre-cut, with ring terminals and shrink wrap already installed. We even include a battery terminal stud that accepts your factory battery cable, so you DON’T have to modify your factory battery wires! It’s genius!! The battery tray is derived from the very same tray we use in the Cobra Jet drag cars- it is powder coated and built tough for all driving conditions- whether road racing, drag racing or just cruising the streets. The battery tray also includes a heavy duty OEM-quality fuse holder (fuse included), so you are ready to rock once you have this installed. Only minimal drilling involved for mounting the battery tray; everything else is completely plug-and-play.

**Choose LH (driver’s side) or RH (passenger side). Some cars are factory equipped with a subwoofer enclosure, so you have the choice of mounting the battery tray on either side of the trunk. Wire lengths are specific to each kit!!  Please annotate in the notes section. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review