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Addictive Desert Designs Rear Frame Gusset Kit w/ 2.5" Bump Stops 2009-2014 F150 / SVT Raptor

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Addictive Desert Designs Rear Frame Gusset Kit w/ 2.5" Bump Stops 2009-2014 F150 / SVT Raptor

Prevents Frame Damage and Bending During Aggressive Off-Roading

F150s and SVT Raptors that see hyper-aggressive terrain in racing applications need to keep their frames from bending and from taking damage during heavy and rapid articulation. One of the best ways to prevent both problems from occurring is with this awesome Frame Gusset and Fox 2.5" Bump Stop Kit from Addictive Desert Designs. This awesome kit strengthens your truck's frame both laterally and dorsally which helps prevent bending both forward at the cab if your truck happens to leave the Earth, as well as side to side during heavy and violent articulation of your F150's or Raptor's rear axle. The kit is topped off by a pair of Fox 2.5 Bump Stops mounted in specialized ADD housings that prevent frame and axle damage during extremely fast and aggressive off-roading. ADD's frame gusset and bump stop kit is built tough and will keep even the most aggressive F150 or SVT Raptor build safe from damage in just about any application.

Full Rear Frame Gusset for Extra Strength and Rigidity

This kit's main component is ADD's heavy-duty frame gusset that bolts right into your truck's rear frame without any cutting or welding. The ADD F150 frame gusset kit adds structural rigidity so your frame doesn't bend if and when the front end of truck loses contact with ground and comes crashing back down. The gusset also has a cross-brace that connects the driver and passenger's side of your F150's frame which helps reduce flexion in extremely aggressive off-road applications. Each of these frame gusset kits are built around a solid frame of mandrel-bent tubular steel with .120" wall thickness that is then reinforced with laser-cut steel plates that are hand-welded on by ADD's expert technicians. The gusset kit comes with mounting bolts and detailed instructions that allow for a fairly easy and straightforward installation with only minor amounts of drilling.

High-Quality and High-Performance Fox Shocks Bump Stops

The kit is topped off with pair of Fox 2.5 Bump Stops and specially-designed ADD mounts that allow for an easy-bolt install and full bump stop functionality. The Fox bump stops feature a large 2.5" diameter body with a performance-oriented internal design that allows them to absorb extremely heavy and violent impacts of your rear axle to prevent damage to both it and your F150 or Raptor's frame. The bump stops have a nitrogen gas pressure design that can adjusted with an included Schrader valve so that you can fine-tune their performance to fit your needs and application. ADD includes a pair of complete bump stop mounts in with this system that bolt to your F150's frame and include impact pads for your F150's or SVT Raptor's axle. The kit comes with high-quality hardware that makes it a breeze to get up and running on your truck.

Leaf Spring Fitment: this version of ADD's Gusset and Bump Stop kit is only designed for factory leaf springs.