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ICON Stage 2 Suspension System 2010-2014 SVT Raptor

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ICON Stage 2 Suspension System 2010-2014 SVT Raptor


Total Overhaul of Your Raptor's Suspension

ICON's Stage 2 Raptor suspension package gives you some of the best off-road performance parts in their inventory to help transform your SVT Raptor into a brutally powerful and high-performing off-road wrecking machine. This kit is the perfect way to get improved articulation, less damper fade, and vastly improved suspension response for all of your truck's aggressive off-road driving needs. The kit's dampers even feature systems for adjusting both ride height and compression so that you can fine-tune your 2010 to 2014 SVT Raptor's suspension for any terrain or application on the fly. ICON's Stage 2 comes with two front 3" coilovers with remote reservoirs, two 3" rear bypass shocks with piggy back reservoirs and adjustable compression, and a pair of billet aluminum uniball upper control arms that provide maximum articulation over the factory ball joint control arms. These upgrades are one of the best ways to get Baja-style performance for your own awesome SVT Raptor. 

Ride Height and Compression Adjustable Front Coilovers

The kit's amazing levels of control and response start with ICON's extremely impressive 3.0 Coilovers with remote reservoirs. These coilovers combine a specially designed and extremely large 3" diameter shock body that has a true 3" piston with a set of Eibach coilover springs that were finely-tuned and engineered specifically for your Raptor to maximize performance. The coilovers feature an adjustable ride height from 1" of lift to 3.5" to let you fit on larger wheel and tire combinations. ICON's 3.0 coilovers come with remotely-mounted 10" 60613 nitrogen-charged reservoirs that feature ICON's CDCV system that allows you to adjust compression by controlling oil flow between the reservoir and shock body. The coilovers large diameter and remote reservoirs makes them much more resistant to fade than your factory Fox shocks and perfect for extremely aggressive off-road driving or competition use. The coilovers feature big 1" CNC machined shafts, hydraulic bump zones, and PTFE-lined bearings that make them some of the most reliable and toughest coilovers that you can find. The coilovers completely replace your stock Fox Shocks and coil springs. 

Massive 3" Diameter Bypass Shocks with Piggyback Reservoirs

Adding on to the extremely impressive damping performance of the front coilovers is a pair of ICON's ZETA 3.0 Bypass Shocks with Piggy Back Reservoirs that provide amazing response and vastly reduced fade for your truck's rear suspension. These ultra-aggressive off-road shocks have a 3" shock body with a true 3" piston that's mated to a three-tube bypass system. Each bypass tube has its own specialized ports and valving that optimize performance over the full range of the shock's travel without the clicking or whining that's common with other bypass shock mechanisms. The bypass tubes are fully modular and can be replaced individually in case of damage. The piggy back reservoir that comes with each shock features ICON's CDCV system just like the front coilovers to let you find the perfect compression and damping for your terrain or current application. These ICON 3.0 shocks bolt right into place of your factory Fox shocks in a surprisingly easy installation. 

High-Strength Billet Aluminum Uniball Control Arms

Maximizing your front wheel travel and suspension performance is a pair of ICON's awesome billet uniball upper control arms. Your truck's factory upper control arms use a standard ball joint which will bind under extreme articulation and prevent maximum wheel travel, even with aftermarket front shocks or coilovers. The uniball joint on ICON's billet upper control arms allow for complete wheel travel with aftermarket suspension hardware and feature a heavy-duty design that can handle far more punishment than your Raptor's factory arms. ICON designed each of their control arms with PTFE lined stainless uniballs. The arms themselves are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and have RSMX PTFE-lined tie rod ends that make them durable enough for even the most extreme off-road racing applications. The rod ends can be adjusted to fix front alignment in only a few minutes thanks to its unique pinch bolts.