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JLT Plastic BIG AIR Intake 07-09 GT500

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JLT Plastic BIG AIR Intake 07-09 GT500

BIG AIR PLASTIC INTAKE TUBE WITH MOLDED IN MAF The best part of our Big Air intake is we kicked the cool factor up a notch and molded a 123mm MAF housing right in the tube. With no separate MAF housing or couplers air flow is fast and smooth.. Early testing shows this can be used with the stock MAF sensor all the way up to 750 RWHP and well beyond with a MAFia, SCT BA5000 or HPX sensor.

HEAT SHIELD Includes our new roto molded heat shield to block engine heat at idle and low speed. It has two mounting points and a weather strip that seals to the hood and uses a large area to make sure the filter has tons of cool air.

GAINS 60-90 RWHP is typical with this kit and our custom tune. This puts most GT500’s at 495-515 HP at the rear tires. (500 HP is rated at the flywheel from the factory)

TUNING A JLT specific tune is required with this kit.

KIT INCLUDES: •JLT Plastic Intake Tube •Silicone Coupler •5x9 S&B Powerstack Air Filter •Roto Molded Heat Shield •HD Clamps & all needed hardware