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PAC RPM Coyote Gen 1 & 2 5.0L Series Drop-In Ovate Wire Beehive Valve Springs -(QTY16) 2011-2017

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PAC Racing - Ford 5.0L Coyote Springs (1234X-16)
PAC Racing Beehive Series valve springs combine the latest technologies available to produce the best performing springs on the market. By reducing the top coil of the springs, you allow for a reduced mass retainer. The PAC Racing 1234X beehive spring is a great replacement valve spring for the stock or Boss valve springs when an aftermarket camshaft profile is installed. Additionally, beehive springs offer a ovate shaped design which allows for the stress distribution to be equally distributed on the opposing sides of the wire. Combine these features and the result is a variable frequency spring that performs at a higher level RPM than traditional springs.

DIMENSIONS:1.021” Outside Diameter Base
0.698" Inside Diameter Base
0.848” Outside Diameter Top
0.525" Inside Diameter Top

SPECS:110# at 1.500”
230# at 1.000”
.500” Max Lift
Coil Bind: 0.941"