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Vossen VFS1 (Flow Formed) 05+ Mustang

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Vossen VFS1 05-14 Mustang

Vossen is proud to introduce the VF/Series manufactured with advanced flow forming technology, a unique approach to wheel manufacturing.           

The flow forming process maintains the integrity of the design while improving grain-structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger, lighter, and thinner forged-like rim barrel. Flow forming is the answer to the market’s demand for lightweight wheels that are more durable and enhance overall vehicle driving performance.

flow forming process                                                

Step 1

                   Heat and coating is applied to the flow-forming drum. Cast wheel is mounted on the drum and ready to be formed.                                                       

Step 2

                   Pressure is applied to the rim barrel. Specially designated hydraulic rollers are used to stretch the wheel by applying pressure to the rim barrel.                                      

Step 3

                   The wheels’ properties are compressed and stretched to achieve the desired width.                                                   

Step 4

                   Stretching results in an improved grain-structure of the aluminum, which makes for a stronger, thinner, and lighter forged-like rim barrel. The final product is more durable on impact and enhances overall vehicle performance.