Another 2650 Edelbrock going in!!

26th Sep 2019

Long time Customer Ted Stevens has been a Mustang fan all his life.  His last Mustang, a 2015 Ford Mustang was a beast to be reckon with!  Under the hood you could find a Gen 2 Whipple 2.9 supercharger, ID1300 injectors, Fuel System, Oil Pump gears, crank Sprocket, Tig Vision ice tank and many more items including our go to, Lund Racing for the tuning!  Ted's 2015 clipped of easy low 9's on a stock block Mustang easily!  

Lets fast forward, both Ted and his son "Teddy" purchased a SCSB F150 and both were looking for more power!  Ted decided on a Gen 4 2.9 whipple (which we will be doing dyno comparisons and track comparisons soon!) and "Teddy" went with the newer, up and coming popular Edelbrock 2650.  Ted's truck is on the street already hurting some feelings, stay tuned for when we complete Teddy's and we'll see how both stack up to each other!