Steve's 99 Cobra turned 03-04 Cobra

Steve's 99 Cobra turned 03-04 Cobra

22nd May 2022

Its been a long time coming, we've had this car for over 2 years. Thanks to the body shop taking over 14 months to finish the body that was in very bad shape but, its straight and going to be running strong!

Don’t mind the dust, getting closer and closer to finishing this Mustang.

Little backstory, Steve shipped this from Germany over 2 years ago. We spent a solid 6 months going back and forth on all the time parts mechanically. After 14 - 15 months at the body shop (has some BAD body damage) we got her back. When we received the car, it was in complete pieces, a German shop to her for a joy ride and destroyed the transmission, rear end and shattered the driveshaft which, somehow, pulled all the fuel lines down and destroyed his fuel system.

The engine was in the car but missing just about every component you could think of. Many parts aren’t made anymore but what was available @latemodelresto really helped us out!

This is a 99 Mustang GT with a slew of quality parts!

Fully built 4.6, ported heads, stayed with stock cams cause he’s going back to germany and wanted perfect drivability. @whipplesuperchargers Gen 5 3.0

@tremecperformance t56 magnum

Solid rear end - all strange components and fully built rear

@foreinnovations triple pump fuel system

@bcforgedna wheels wrapped in @toyotires R888R

@corbeauseatsusa seats and harness bar

Full stereo system

@american_racing_headers and @slpperformanceparts catback

@Strange front and rear coilovers with all the @bmrsuspension goodies

New interior carpet, window seals, METCO lower, Thumprr tensioner, battery, alternator, starter, EVERYTHING!

Stay tuned for better pics and dyno vids! #hypermotive#whipplesuperchargers#foreinnovations#arh#bcforged#toyo#bmrsuspension#corbeau#slp#americanracingheaders#cobra#sn95#newedge