2022 Ford F150 with Whipple Intercooler gains 24rwhp!

2022 Ford F150 with Whipple Intercooler gains 24rwhp!

Posted by Hypermotive on 20th Jan 2023

We have a 2022 Ford F150 3.5 ecoboost here with just under 5 thousand miles.  Currently the truck only has an S&B Cold Air Intake and JLT Passenger side oil separator.  

This truck has no tune, no other mods other than some slight suspension mods.  Lets consider this truck completely stock!  

Outside temperature was roughly in the high 60's throughout the day, we ran a before pull on our in-house DynoJet the F150, with stock wheels, made a healthy 350rwhp and 443 ft lbs.  

After two pulls on the dyno, we lifted the truck up to start the install on the Whipple Intercooler.  In the box from Whipple, the contents include an envelope with a sticker, invoice and an installation packet.  If i'm not mistaken, Whipple calls for 90-120 minutes to install their intercooler.  Other contents included the intercooler itself, two clamps, one 45 degree hose and adapter.  

Install took roughly 60 minutes and was extremely straight forward.  Fitment is tight for both the stock and whipple intercooler.  All stock adapters were reused minus one hose which is the one supplied by Whipple.  

After install we slapped the F150 on the dyno and made a few dyno pulls to see what gains where to be had.  I'll be honest and say, I dont always think any gains are going to happen unless there's tuning to support the additional modification but this time I was completely wrong! 

After our pull and after the Whipple intercooler install, the F150 now made an even healthier pull of 374rwhp and 471 ft lbs.  Thats an increase of 24rwhp and an increase of 28 ft lbs of torque on a simple, 60-minute install!  

Wanted to say thanks to Whipple Superchargers for supplying us with this amazing intercooler!  

If you're interested they are available right on the site!  Get yours today and gain power easily!