2022 Mustang Mach1 Whipple Superchargers makes 600+ RWHP!!

2022 Mustang Mach1 Whipple Superchargers makes 600+ RWHP!!

Posted by Hypermotive on 17th Jan 2023

We had the privilege for fellow Veteran, Adam, call us for some performance parts.  Although his 2022 Mach 1 is practically new with less than 3k miles he wanted a little more power.  Of course he wanted to get his hands on a Gen 5 Whipple 3L stage 2 supercharger kit using Whipple's Carb/ E.O. friendly in-house tune.  

After ordering his Whipple there were a few more parts he felt would benefit with the Supercharger system.  So Adam opted for an MGW shifter to help with short/ smooth shifts from the very capable shifter, this brand is by far one of our favorites for the Mustang Platform.  MGW doesn't skimp in terms of quality and function, we always know that one putting this part in, our customer is going to be happy!  

Next Adam decided on a set of Kooks catted Long Tube Headers to help his Coyote engine breath easier with all the soon to be extra horsepower.  

For insurance, Adam felt it was necessary to add Boundary Billet Oil Pump Gears and Billet Crank Sprocket and we couldn't have agreed more. Boundary for the past couple years have been the forefront of quality oil pump gears and crank sprockets.  After the thousands of Boundary parts we've installed, we've had zero issues!  Now that's quality control! 

After two days under the knife we finished the 2022 Mach 1 with a Whipple stage 2 supercharger system, Kooks Long Tube headers and MGW short throw shifter.  On you In-house DynoJet Dyno she made 622rwhp and 500 ft-lbs. 

Although those numbers may seem to be "low" keep in mind that this is a Whipple off-the-shelf tune that is E.O. and Carb compliant.  Given the chance, if and when Adam decides to go with a custom tune Fuel Injector Clinic 1000cc injectors, IAT2 sensor and Boost a pump, he'll be making 700 and up without breaking a sweat!  

Adam has already purchased a Vengeance stage 1 twin disc clutch as his stock clutch is already slipping from the additional 200hp so stay tuned as we upgrade his clutch soon!  

For the meantime, thank you again Adam for trusting us with your beautiful Mustang Mach 1.  Your car truly is beautiful!