Larry's Beautiful Yellow Mustang GT350, Hypermotive

Larry's Beautiful Yellow Mustang GT350, Hypermotive

Posted by Hypermotive on 16th Jan 2023

Larry brought us his sexy 2018 Yellow Mustang GT350 for a slew of parts to be added.  With that said, I'm going to preface this entire blog with my views, opinions and what I think will help a customer moving forward when opting to heavily modify their car.  

Larry brought us:

3.8L whipple supercharger system 

Fore Triple Pump Fuel system 

ID1300x injectors 

Weld racing wheels 18x10 rear and 20x5 fronts with the associated Mickey Thompson tires. 

MGW short throw shifter 

Custom remote tuning from Ortiz Performance 

While we had Larry's GT350 he purchased these additional parts: 

Driveshaft Shop 1 piece carbon fiber driveshaft 

Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Hood 

Stainless Works Catted long tube headers 

Grimmspeed valve actuators 

HyperCarbon Carbon Fiber Steering wheel with custom yellow stripe and stitching 

Autometer boost gauge and a pillar pd 

Mantic USA triple disc clutch kit 

New upgraded brake pads 

54 gallon drum of VP Racing C85 fuel 

Few things to note on this particular setup.  A Whipple 3.8L will not accommodate 93 octane fuel, regardless of what the shop is telling you, it will not work with 93 octane.  A Whipple 3.8L head unit will not clear the stock hood without modification to the hood, IT WILL hit your supercharger head unit even with the supplied BMR lowered motor mounts.  When you purchase Weld wheels, please take a look at the part number to ensure they are specifically made for your particular car.  In this case, these Welds are designed for a 99-04 Mustang.  I even reached out to the company Larry purchased these wheels from and after looking at the wheels they said it looked fine.  Pictures will be posted on here so you can see for yourself and make your own judgement.  According to Weld they stated these were the wrong wheels. Also, if you're going to purchase a supercharger of this size and you're going to be running E85, ensure you purchase a set of headers as the stock cats will not last very long.  

My intention is to not bash anyone but to be very transparent.  My transparency is to be used as a learning experience for everyone wanting to build a GT350 with this particular setup.  Furthermore, if you plan to have a shop install your parts, I heavily recommend you purchase the parts from the shop you're planning on having do the install.  Here is why: any additional costs associated with labor due to unforeseen issues now falls back on the customer, anytime we sell a package to a customer and there are issues, we cover the additional costs, why?  Cause that customer chose us to purchase a system, a system that works and if it doesn't work, that falls on us!  I didn't expect the shop where our customer purchased the system from to cover the additional costs of labor.  Another example is tuning, our customer purchased tuning from another company so the extra logging that took place fell on the customer.  If the customer had purchased the tuning from us, we would have covered the additional time that it took for tuning.  The other company has not offered to provide any coverage to the customer during this time due to being mislead and or being sold the wrong parts.  No parts replacement, exchange or coverage of additional labor costs.  So with that, always pay attention to where you purchase from!  

This blog is again, to be completely transparent on costs, why you should purchase the parts where you are getting them installed.  If we offer/ sell a part and guarantee fitment and the part doesn't fit when WE install it, that falls on us!  

With all that said, this GT350 is going to be a beast!  On the biggest pulley she made 924rwhp at 7500RPM.  With safety in mind, we felt it was best to not go over 7500 until Larry decides to purchase a TKM Performance Long Block, then...... she's going all the way up!!  So stay tuned for this beast with a built TKM Long block making well over 1000RWHP!!  

I'd like to say thank you to Larry for entrusting us with his pride and joy, despite the hiccups it has been a joy working on this fine machine!  Thanks to Ortiz Performance for always going the extra mile and making sure everything and everyone is happy!  Thanks to Geoff from Mantic for the chat and help with your awesome clutches brother!  

Enjoy the pics!!