Sol's Sick Grabber Blue S197!

Sol's Sick Grabber Blue S197!

Posted by Hypermotive on 27th Apr 2023

We wanted to introduce to you Sol Havis.  Sol has been a friend of ours going on 10 years now and we've helped him build the car of his dreams within his budget for his beloved 2011 Mustang GT! 

Some of those modifications include: 

Airlift 3p suspension 

Velgen VM9 wheels 

Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers W/ Kooks H pipe 

Our popular Corsa extreme quad tip exhaust designed specifically for the 11-14 Mustang GT 

13-14 tails Custom 

13-14 headlights 

PMAS Cold Air intake 

Anderson Composites Carbon fiber cowl hood 

Anderson Composites Carbon fiber spoiler 

Ben Calimer Stage 3 MT82 

Mantic twin disc clutch 

MGW Shifter 

GForce 1 piece Driveshaft 

UPR Product Catch Can 

Tuned by Lund Racing for both 93 octane and E85 fuel 

So now lets talk about Sol!  Sol Havis is from Southfield, Michigan. He's always loved mustangs growing up around them as a kid being from the Motor City, it was easy for him to fall in love with these majestic machines. He's a professional photographer and some of his hobbies include off roading snowboarding, working on computers, long walks on the beach.... when its not snowing, dancing in the rain and playing chess against his biggest opponent... himself.  

Hypermotive wants to thank Sol for sharing some of his personal life with us, especially for his undying love of underwater basket weaving and croquette.  

You Sir are the optime of a true Mustang lover and we're happy to have you in this community!