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2005-2010 Mustang GT

Since its dramatic 1964 introduction, Ford Mustang has been the icon of American performance with its bold style, brawny engine and rear-wheel-drive excitement.

The legend continues in the 2005 model with an all-new platform and clean-sheet design that makes it faster, safer, more agile and better looking than ever.  Known as the S197 platform, the Ford Mustang resembles that of its ancestors showcasing muscle car cues but with newer technology.  

The new Ford Mustang is pure American muscle. The signature long hood and short rear deck capitalize on 40 years of history, as do classic design cues that have defined Mustangs since the 1960s: C-scoops in the sides, three-element taillamps and a galloping horse badge in the center of the grille. The Ford Mustang's menacing shark-like nose imparts an attitude not seen since the 1967 model, while jeweled, round headlamps in trapezoidal housings are part of its striking new modern architecture.

The 2005 Ford Mustang has an aggressive rake that puts the car in motion even when it's standing still. The wheels were pushed to the corners of the body, better anchoring it visually and physically to the road. The 6-inch wheelbase gain over the 2004 Ford Mustang makes it look bigger than life.